Home services was founded in 2021. During the pandemic Cleanbnb explored in private home cleaning. When the society is open up again we see the needs of the Norwegian family we decided to expand the services asside from cleaning to GO-TO company. The concept for Home Services was driven by Aupair experiences and independent women who can see the needs of Norwegian families. Home Services is a GO-To company: GO-TO babysitting, GO-TO special events at home, GO-TO tidying, GO-TO home cooking, GO-TO need assistance or help in any occasions, GO-TO Organizing, GO-TO PANT.

Our services set us apart. We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and their children as well as our babysitters in order to ensure that Home services experience exceeds expectations for everyone.

Our team come from various professional backgrounds, from teachersto nurses back in the Philippines. Most of our team members are student in Norway who can be flexible in your daily needs. Our goal is to provide peace of mind, finding someone you can trust to care for your home, children and the whole family and that you can depend on. We are a GO-TO Company. We are there on any occasions and special events inside or outside your home.

Home Services is aiming to create a foundation or charity through PANT FOR HOPE. With Home Services desire to engage in charitable works. Homes services would like to seize this oppurtunity to be of the help to our fellowmen by raising funds for the poor families in the Philippines. We can collect your (PANT) empty bottle and the money we get we help to poor families in Philippines.